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Hospitality System

J2 14\" Touch Screen. ICR Touch Epos Software included. Easy to program.
12 Months Warranty. Sample displays.


SAM4S 230EJ Cash Register

20 Presets, 57mm thermal roll, alpha/numeric displays, Link to Eftpos available. Also link to PC, scanner.Has own battery pack for 4 hour operation without wall AC power. Ideal for markets, caravan stall etc.

$595 + GST includes drawer

Uniwell CX-3500 Cash Register

12 presettable departments using the SHIFT key. 5,000 PLU. 5 line LCD display. Thermal 57mm paper as per Eftpos. 4 note/8 coin large drawer

$695 + GST

SAM4S ER600 Cash Register

77 presets in 2 keypads, 8 line LCD display, Master/slave IRC up to 8 registers, comes with a 80mm thermal fast printer and drawer. First time labelling and programming to suit included in price.

$995 + GST

Uniwell HX-1500 Touch Screen

10.4 inch screen, 5 resistive.
Price includes a 80mm thermal printer and drawer also programming to suit.

$2,895.00 - SOLD

TOWA SX-590ii

108 plus presets. PC and laser scanner ports for sales of up to 8,000 PLUs. PC port to do programming and back-up.

$995.00 - SOLD

TOWA ML-780 - 2 Available

100 presets, 16 line LCD display, 2 line alpha/numeric display, 60,000 PLU standard, 2 station 57mm thermal printers, link to PC, Scanner, Scale, Kitchen Printer. Master/Slave IRC link up to 8 registers. Table tracking, drop down menu all standard


Towa SX-680 Cash Register

Performs like a model SX-690ii but looks like a SX-580
20,000 PLUs, 200 tables or accounts with names, receipt & journal thermal printers, front and rear alpha displays

$995 + GST - SOLD OUT

NEC CRS 3000 Cash Register

8 line LCD Display, with 57mm thermal printer and drawer

$500 + GST

SAM4S 390M Cash Register

60 departments, 1000 PLUs, 2 line alpha/numeric display, Thermal 57mm paper roll, Daily and Monthly reports, link to PC, Eftpos, Scanner, Scale, Kitchen Printer. 12 months warranty BTB

$795+ GST

SAM4S NR-510 Cash Register. New model

54 Presets, 7,000 PLU, 6 line LCD display with 2 line Alpha/numeric customer display,

$895 + GST

SAM4S SPS 320 Cash Register

100 Presets, 2000 PLUs, 8 line LCD display, 57mm Thermal printer, link to PC, Eftpos, Scanner, Scale, Kitchen printer. 12 Months warranty BTB

$1,295 + GST

SAM4S 180U

16 departments, thermal 57mm printer, logo, departments, PLU, clerks all print in words and numbers. Small drawer 4 notes/4 coins. A real beauty. Refer specs on

$395 + GST

CAS Scale model AP1

15 kg with battery and AC. Trade approved. Connect to Cash Register or POS

$695 + GST

SAM4S 265 Cash Register

15 Presets with flat keyboard, small drawer, thermal 57mm printer for alpha and numeric print, daily & monthly reports. Large Drawer version $595 + GST

$495 + GST Small Drawer


Battery operated drawer $25 + GST/Day
Small non programmable machine $65 + GST/Day
Medium programmable machine $120 + GST/Day
Large programmable machine $150 + GST/Day
Touch Screen System $235 + GST/day Refer breakdown


Wet kit covers

Have many early cash register wet kit covers for Casio, Sanyo, Sharp, Fujitsu, Towa, Samsung, Tec, Uniwell from $10
Please inquire about the model required

$10 to 55 + GST

Sites to check on the specs

For Samsung go to
For Uniwell go to







Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.